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Scratch Your Path Across The Globe with this large world map poster. Printed on premium quality laminate paper with a gold foil layer covering the countries of the world. The paper has been further reinforced with an acrylite front protector for an impressive finish. Using a coin, simply scratch off foil to reveal vibrantly colored US states, territories, islands, countries and corresponding flags. An easy and fun tool to keep track of all your travel adventures!



An awesome keepsake for the backpacker, frequent flyer, retired couple, or newly weds.  A novel way to learn, record and relive travel experiences. Why bother with tons of expensive souvenirs that end up being boxed away, when you can have this charming foil map of the world to remind you of all the places you’ve visited?


Educational too, this large scratch off atlas makes an invaluable and interactive tool in any home or classroom. Kids love anything hands on. The novelty of being able to scratch off a state or country will resonate with children better than through learning facts out of a textbook alone. And, this awesome scratch globe is just the beginning. You’re giving them a taste for knowledge. Once they discover a country/island they’ve never heard about they’ll probably want to know more. How’s your own geography?



This tasteful scratch off foil map is also an aesthetically pleasing piece of functional wall art that makes a welcome addition to both contemporary or classic style decor. Frame and hang up this map-with-a-difference in your home or office for a striking focal point. Fade-resistant and durable, the stimulating colour scheme will instantly cheer up any wall space.


Your personalized scratch off map comes in elegantly designed, recyclable packaging. The eco-friendly cardboard tube is perfect for carrying along on trips or for presenting as a gift.